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Pleasure In Your Life Pleasure In Your Life Pleasure In Your Life Pleasure In Your Life Pleasure In Your Life

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Was the concept of desire, sexual satisfaction or self- pleasure part of your Sex Ed class?
Growing up in the UK, my so called Sex-Ed class consisted of a plethora of vague, confusing and often flawed messages about contraception, STI’s and intercourse.
I entered the dating world with hangups about my body and the daunting prospect of trying to appear sexually confident. I felt awkward, insecure and utterly unprepared.
I was having sex but I wasn’t having healthy, satifying or deeply pleasurable sexual experiences. Determined to demystify the world of sex, I set off on a quest to explore what sexuality could be outside the confines of British moral and cultural sexual norms. This lifelong study eventually led me to becoming a Doctor of Human Sexuality. I am Tantra, kink, poly, LGBTQ+, sex work friendly and trauma-informed.
My practice welcomes couples and individuals (men, women, and non-binary clients) of all sexual preferences and orientations.

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